Letters from Sri Lanka   “My name is...

Letters from Sri Lanka

“My name is M.Udayachandra. I live with my husband and daughter in the district of Palimunnai, in the district of Mannar. On the night of 11 September 2008 my son was escorted out of the house by the navy’s military to be interrogated. He never returned. From that day I started looking for him. For this reason, the police questioned me, came to my home very often to check what I did , warning me to not take part in any protest. My husband, after the disappearance of Sanisran, has fallen into a heavy depression that no longer allows him to leave his room. I continue to see, in my dreams, the face of my son who asks me to not abandon him. Sanisran was kidnapped by the government forces of Sri Lanka. What happened to him? Where is he held? The government knows the answer“
Letters from Sri Lanka tells the story of Tamil families involved in kidnapping, violence and killings during the civil conflict. Explore the intimacy of their lives still suspended between hope and impotence. It investigates the emotional fragility of a population without peace in a country still divided by the wounds of war.

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